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The Illustrated Guide to Texas Hold'em -
This book contains useful and interesting information for Texas Hold'em players
from beginners to experienced players wanting to improve their game. The game is
explained more visually than in most other books while still being very informative in
the accompanying text.


1) The game itself is explained in 'The Basics of Texas Hold'em', including how the
cards are dealt, the placing of big blinds, how to make a hand and raising options.

2) In 'Pregame Preparation' you'll read advice on the best places to look for a game
online and offline, what to bring along with you and what to look for when you

3) 'Let The Game Begin'. Now it's time to play, you'll be told what to watch out for
from the other players and the proper etiquette of Texas Hold'em.

4) You've started playing your poker game and you'll need to know 'The Rules of
Good Basic Strategy', which includes starting hand percentages, advice on how to
act after the flop and pot odds.

5) It's time for your 'Practice Situations' in the main part of the book - 150 poker
game scenarios in pictures and words for you to figure out the best play according to
your position, cards and size of the pot and check your answers with the author's
own in-depth explanation and opinion of the hand.

Glossary - 30 pages of all the poker terms!


About The Author :
Dennis Purdy moved to Las Vegas at the age of 25 to undertake a career as a
professional gambler. He became an expert card counter at blackjack starting in
1978, eventually forming, teaching and leading several “teams� and achieving
a winning session rate of 86 percent. Now retired from full-time professional
gambling, he still uses his skills to supplement his income. Dennis lives in Tacoma,
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