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Find some of the best online backgammon rooms here - there is a mixture of real money and fun sites...

Backgammon Places
GamesGrid offers both freeroll and buy-in tournaments daily. Become
a member and you'll receive many benefits...these include a chance at
winning the jackpots offered and access to lessons from resident pros -
Bill Robertie, Kit Woolsey, Michael Meyburg and Nack Ballard.
GoldToken is a fun play site only - you'll find a friendly community
and special ladder tourneys for all of their games, including
backgammon and nackgammon. They also offer many other games,
such as chess, checkers, reversi, salvo and more...
Gammon Empire has a large variety of backgammon games - these
are regular games, sit 'n' go tournaments and scheduled multi-table
events with guaranteed pools, daily freerolls, satellites to larger
tournaments and a poker school. They'll give you $2 to try out their
software. is a fun play site only, offering both a great variety of
games and a huge player base - there are multiple backgammon and
nackgammon tournaments every month, including the pro versions of
both games and ladder tournaments and many other games.
Ladbrokes Backgammon is offering you $25 worth of free poker chips
or backgammon credits upon placing $50 of stakes. Just play your first
game before May 27th and play the required games before June 17th to
release the bonus money into your account.